Code of Conduct

AB Kontaktpressning are committed to being the first-choice partner for all customers looking for world class manufacturing of wire harnesses assemblies. We shall do this by providing high-quality, innovative productions methods, services and added-value solutions.
Resources shall be used in a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible manner.
In order to build trust and confidence and to show our commitment to Company Social Responsibility (CSR) throughout the entire value chain of our operations, we ask all our suppliers to agree with our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers specifies the minimum standards expected of all suppliers to AB Kontaktpressning. Within their sphere of influence, AB Kontaktpressning also expects suppliers to apply these minimum standards to their subcontractors and sub-suppliers. Furthermore, it is expected that suppliers always strive to live up to both international and industry best practices.

It is of course expected that suppliers adhere to all laws, rules and regulations in the countries where they carry out their activities. AB Kontaktpressning expects compliance with the Code of Conduct for Suppliers but recognizes that embracing these fundamental principles is dynamic rather than static process and encourages suppliers to support our mission through a never ending search to improve.

All AB Kontaktpressning employees with supplier relations are to make sure that the Code of Conduct for Suppliers is well known and understood by the suppliers.

To see the full Code of Conduct for Suppliers, please download our full pdf: